Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vasco Da Gama

Recently I went to a cute Portuguese cafe that serve tapas at night. Let me just say, I ate a lot! I highly recommend this place if you are looking for good food with a laid back atmosphere. I didn't take a picture of the best part of my dinner: NATAS (a Portuguese custard pastry).

Calamari and shrimps


Beef and cod.


Portuguese Cheese

Lemon tart and Creme brulee. <3

Picture Ledges

I am really procrastinating today. I know I said I'll be back after exams but that just seems so far away. This summer I have a whole bunch of ideas on how to liven up my house. Here is one of them:
Summer Project #1: Add a picture ledge.  I cant decide which colour I like more. Any suggestions?


It's that time of the year...

- I'll be back after I'm done!